Shipping Restrictions


The Shutterbug Shipping Policies
We ship packages both with USPS and UPS.  If you have a preference of carrier, or you are limited to accept packages from either carrier at your shipping address, please call us with the item information and your preferred carrier service.  We are happy to accommodate your needs.  Please make note that services through UPS will not ship to P.O. Box destinations.  The Shutterbug is not responsible for lost or returned items due to an undeliverable address.  Unless otherwise noted, orders will be shipped within 2 days of receiving the order.

The Shutterbug Tax Information
Items sold by The Shutterbug, and shipped to destinations in the state of California, Florida , Massachusetts and Washington D.C. will be assessed all relevant State and Local Taxes. Some buyers may be subject to use tax. The amount of tax charged depends upon many factors including the type of item(s) purchased and the destination of the shipment.  If an item is subject to tax in accordance with applicable state tax laws, those taxes will be added to your bill during checkout.

Elegible Shipping Destinations
The Shutterbug will ONLY ship to the following destinations:  Continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Canada.  Additional charges apply to all destinations (Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Canada), excluding continental United States.  Make note that not all products are elegible to ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Canada.  The Shutterbug is not responsible for any duty fees or taxes incurred by importing a purchased item outside the United States unless legally bound.

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