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Valentine's Day Gifts They'll Love!

Order something you and your special someone will cherish this Valentine's Day! Here are some excellent gift ideas for everyone!

#1 An Instant Memory with an Instant Camera

A Proposal Shot with the Instax Wide 300
Cherry Blossom Viewing | Portland Waterfront Park

Instant cameras have always been a point of interest for those who want to cherish a photo without needing to print anything out! Instant cameras feel like magic.

We have an assortment of instant cameras available, ranging from $69.99-129.99, all ready for purchase online or in-store.

Instant cameras can be quite simple, to complex depending on what features you want. Thankfully, the majority are automatic, so the average person could pick one up and start snapping immediately.

Want to read our guide on which ones you may want? Visit this post for a full breakdown on each option that we have.

Our recommendation for Valentine's Day?

The Instax 11 Kit, which includes a 'photo tree', 20 pack of film and the instant camera for a tidy $79.99!

The Instax Mini 11 Kit has all you need to get going!

#2 Something Sweet to Hang on Your Walls

Canvas Wraps are Completed In-House!

Line your bare walls with your favorite memories, on canvas, metal or behind a frame.

Metal (Aluminum) Prints are our favorite when it comes to wall hangings. Metal prints won't fade over time, they last an extremely long time, and they have a gorgeous glossy sheen. Metal prints take between 8-10 business days to arrive. These must be ordered online through our website.

Use Your Smartphone to Print In-Store!

Canvas wraps are our second most popular gift for Valentine's day! You can order online or come in store with the photo that you would like on canvas. Canvas wraps have pre-set sizes, but if you have a custom dimension needed, we can most certainly make a custom size for you. Canvas wraps are perfect for filling empty walls. Wraps will take between 5-8 business days to be completed. Canvas wraps start at $39.99.

Photo print orders can be completed same day! Prints start at $.35/4x6, and sizes up to 8x10 can be printed within 15 minutes of an order being sent through. Print off of your smartphone easily. Our photo kiosks in store allow for light editing and cropping as well.


#3 A Customized Gift

On our website, we have an assortment of options for custom gifts, from mugs to bags and more! All custom gifts will take between 8-10 business days to arrive, so do plan ahead!


#4 A Starter Friendly Camera to Enjoy

A decent starter camera is easy to find! Deciding which one to take home is another challenge to consider. Need help? We have a guide for starter cameras available here.


#5 A New Lens!

Canon RF 50mm f/1.8 is Only $199

We have plenty of lens options for all price points and all brands.

Click here to see our guide on the best lenses for Canon photographers for under $500.

Click here to see our guide on the best lenses for Nikon photographers for under $500.

Click here to see our guide on the best lenses for Sony Photographers for under $500.

If you need a quick and easy, fail-proof option, we always recommend a solid prime lens. The 50mm f/1.8 for any brand is a great portrait lens for someone who only has kit lenses and is looking to purchase something new. The 50mm prime across all brands is under $300.


Need more help? We have plenty of options in-store, and friendly staff to assist you. Swing by any of our stores to check out our full selection of gear.

Have a Wonderful Valentine's Day!

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