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All repairs, except valid warrantied items, require a $34.99 charge for shipping. Warrantied items include items that are under a Mack Diamond Warranty or a Canon Care Pak Warranty.

Prior to any repair, we will contact you with a quote regarding the cost of the repair. This quote includes cost of materials and labor. If you pay for the quote, the repairs will be made. If the quote is not paid after a certain period of time, or if you do not want to repair the item, we will send the item to the store location you dropped off at.

Repairs take on a minimum of 4-6 weeks from drop-off to be assessed and receive a quote. Depending on how busy repair facilities may be and the availability of the parts that need to be replaced, the process can take up to 10 weeks.

As soon as we receive any news of your repair, we will always contact you and leave you a voicemail. When contacting us, please provide the repair number that was given to you on your receipt.


Sensor cleanings are completed in-house, same day if a technician has the availability. Our Salem location does not offer sensor cleanings in-house, but they can send it to a location that does complete sensor cleanings in-house.

Full Frame Sensor Cleaning $89.99

25% Off with a Memories Plus Card

Crop Sensor Cleaning $49.99

25% Off with a Memories Plus Card

Add On Option: Camera Detailing (Exterior) $14.99

We offer camera detailing at a lower price with sensor cleanings. 

How do you know you need a sensor cleaning? Read up on our blog!



lens Calibrations are completed at our Portland Location. Lens calibrations are offered only to the specified lenses below:

Nikon, Sony or Canon ONLY

Under 105mm $30​

105mm+ $60


You must bring a fully charged battery and a formatted memory card.

$24.99 per Camera

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