*** 35MM & 120 COLOR FILM ONLY****


1. Mail your film to this address:

2418 13th St SE, Salem, OR 97302

2. Make print + fill out this form OR  write the same details on a sheet of paper and include it in the package.  


3. If sending in 35mm: Pay ahead of time for your processing online here.

Get your negatives mailed back ($1 extra) click here.

Get a set of 4x6 prints mailed back to you ($5) click here.


3a. For 120 Color: Pay for develop only click here.

The price covers the fee for us sending your negatives back to you.

4. Once your film arrives by mail, we will start working on processing and uploading your images to Google Drive. We will contact you if you haven't paid. Turn-around time is 8 business days.

5. We will not be mailing negatives or prints back unless if you have paid for that add-on option (120 has that price included). You may pick your order up from a store location. On the form you will indicate which store you would like your order sent to. If you want them mailed to your home, please indicate that.


Note: From the time of upload, you will have 30 days to download all of your images. Please call us if you have any questions, or your images haven't been uploaded after 8 business days.