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In-Store Trade In FAQs

We all have gear we no longer want or need. Bring in your lenses, high-end point and shoots, and cameras, and get in-store trade in credits for your next upgrade.

Be sure to stop on by and get a FREE quote if you're interested! No appointment necessary.

What items we are happy to take in for trade-ins:

Interchangeable lens cameras (mirrorless, DSLR), lenses, on-camera flashes, and adapters. Occasionally, we will take in higher end point & shoots, like the Sony RX10-series, Sony RX100-series, and Canon G-series. We are also interested in film cameras that you may have found in your attic!

Items we may not want for trade ins:

Non functioning cameras, tripods, old camera cases

What should come with my trade-in?

For cameras: Battery, charger, and body cap. For lenses: Front lens cap, and back lens cap. Adapters: Front and end caps. All other additional accessories, boxes and even manuals are not necessary, so do not worry about those items if you have lost track of them.

How will you assess my equipment's trade-in value?

Prior to any quote, we will always test the equipment thoroughly. If there appears to be cosmetic damage that doesn't affect the functionality of the equipment, we will lower the quote we would have given you, but we are still happy to trade in the item. Broken equipment will not be accepted for trade-in value. We can recycle any broken equipment for parts if you would like to donate any items you no longer need. Keep in mind that our quotes are also based on if we already have several of that item in our current used inventory. We may not take in an item if we have several of them already.

How can I use my trade in value?

Trade in credits must be used the day you bring your equipment in for trade-in as we do not have a way to 'save' credits for later use. Typically, customers will apply trade in values to an upgraded lens, camera or other camera equipment. Trade in values can be used towards anything we sell, including photo services (like film processing).

What should I do if I am not happy with my trade in-value, and my item is not worth much more online?

Keep in mind, technology moves quickly, and oftentimes customers will find that cameras they purchased for over $700, 8 years ago, are worth significantly less (even in mint condition). What we recommend is donating the gear to The Shutterbug, our friend Jan (a local educator, read her story here), or a younger person that you know who has that desire to learn photography.

Be sure to stop on by and get a FREE quote if you're interested! No appointment necessary.

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