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FAQ: How to Mail In Your Film!

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Don't get charged $10 postage cost for a SINGLE roll of film. Here's how to send your film to us cost-effectively!


What to Avoid (So You Aren't Paying $10+ for Shipping)

(Exhibit A - Boxed Film)


Just to start this off: The person writing this blog almost NEVER mails anything - but we learned! Take comfort that you are not the first person to be lost on how to do this.

1. Avoid Sending Your Film in a Box

Why? The shipping will cost more, and unless if you're jamming 12 rolls of film into that box, it will run you upwards of $5 per package. Keep those boxes at home, maybe try to see if your cat will try to sit in it. Send it in a padded shipping envelope (photo below in the 'What to Do' section).

2. Don't Request the Option where We Must Sign for your Package

Why? We are at the office (where these packages are sent) during business hours for shipping. Avoid the add ons.

3. Don't Send the Film to Our Salem Store Location

We won't be there, please send it to 2418 13th St SE, Salem, OR 97302.


What to Do (Save Your $$$)

(Exhibit B - Padded Envelope)


1. Get a padded envelope for your film, for 1-4 rolls, a 5x7 padded envelope is plenty.

2. Address it to

The Shutterbug

2418 13th St SE

Salem, OR 97302

3. Don't forget to either print out, or write the following information to place IN the package:

a) First + Last Name

b) Email you want us to send the upload link to

c) Do you want your negatives back?

d) If you want them back, which store would you like to pick the negatives up from once we open our locations us again?

e) Do you want those negatives cut/uncut?

4. At the post office, ship it as FIRST CLASS, no more -- no less.

5. Your price of the package depends on what the weight of the contents are, you will need to 'meter' aka weigh it. This $3.80 package held more than 1 roll of film.

6. One last thing to be aware of! Your shipping price will differ depending on where you live/where you're shipping from. Thankfully, if you are shipping from Oregon to our location, in Oregon, the prices will not be ridiculously high.

7. Don't forget to pay $13 for your film processing online HERE. The link we send to your email is good for 30 days, so don't forget to download your images.


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