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Protect Your Film at the Airport

Recently we've heard from Kodak and Fujifilm that X-ray/CT scanners at airports have recently enhanced their scanning technology. These new scanners are more damaging to unprocessed film than previous models of scanners. Here are a few steps you can take to protect your film.

How to Avoid Film Damage

1. Never pack unprocessed film in your checked baggage.

This includes movie film, instax film, disposable cameras etc.

2. Always store your film in carry-on baggage

Ask for a hand inspection when going through security.

Store your film in a clear plastic bag - TSA is trained to check film.

3. When carrying large amounts of film, contact the airline prior to your flight and ask for a special baggage inspection.

4. If possible, send your film to your destination ahead of your flight using a parcel/cargo carrier that will certify that the film will not be x-rayed.

We hope that this blog post helps you navigate the airport with ease the next time you decide to squirrel away a few rolls of film on your flight!

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