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Spring 2020 Photo Contest: Cabin Fever

Feelin' cooped up? Show us what cabin fever looks like to you or what cabin fever has made you do --- and you could win a 16x20 canvas wrap of your masterpiece (or another photo of your choice)!

Contest Starts: May 22nd, 2020 | Last day to submit: June 22nd, 2020 at 11:59pm

Winners will be announced by June 26th, 2020

Hit pause on Tiger King, finish up your TikTok upload and get ready to create your new masterpiece! This is intended to be a humor category, so please DO show us those: Sunday dog-manicures, mountains of laundry that you've decided to dub the 'New Everest', or even your photo recreations of renaissance paintings (featuring you covered in toilet paper)!

Remember: The funnier -- the better! The only real 'rules': The photo must be taken in the confines of YOUR home (front yard, back yard, indoors etc) and you must be able to pick up your prize from one of The Shutterbug's locations.

Enter to Win....

1st Place: (1) 16x20 Professional Canvas Wrap Print

2nd Place: (1) 11x14 Professional Canvas Wrap Print

3rd Place: (1) 8x10 Professional Canvas Wrap Print

How to Submit!

Limit 1 Entry Per Person

Submission Option #1: Email Us Your Entry

a) Include your first name, last name, and phone number.

b) Attach your photo (must be shot in the confines of your home -- backyard/front yard/garage ok)

c) Include what you shot with (camera model/lens/film etc)

d) (Optional) Include a 1 sentence caption

Submission Option #2: Share Your Entry with Us on Social Media (Facebook/Instagram)

Limit 1 Entry Per Person

a) Like or follow our page (FB: The Shutterbug | IG @shutterbugoregon)

b) Tag us in the image (like a person, in the photo). Photo must be shot in the confines of your home -- backyard/front yard/garage etc.

c) In the description/post include what you shot with (camera/lens/film) + "This is my entry for The Shutterbug's 'Cabin Fever' contest" (or something similar)

d) (Optional) Include a 1 sentence caption

We can't wait to see the amazing shots you take!

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