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Techniques we Learned from Nikon School Online! (Free Until 04.30.2020)

Haven't taken advantage of this free offer? We watched a couple and reviewed a few tips for you to be inspired to take advantage of this service.

PRO TIP: Watch these videos on Mozilla Firefox, we found that Google Chrome had some difficulties with starting the videos right after you registered (asked for a redemption code when it was not needed). Be aware that you DO need to create a Nikon account, but it only requires your name and email address. These classes are normally between $15-50/video.

1 + 2.Getting Started with your Nikon DSLR or Fundamentals of Photography(Start here if you are new to photography)

Topics include:

Shooting Video – Making movies easily

Aperture – Draw attention to your subject

Autofocus – Focus on what’s important

Lenses – Accessorize your picture taking experience

Shutter Speed – Freezing fast action

3. Creator's Mindset: Creating Video Content with the Nikon Z50 (excellent for product specific video)

Topics include: Focusing, exposure settings and white balance, frame rate, audio and lighting.

One tip (of the many) we learned: Choose your music prior to recording. It helps with your overall planning of editing in post and allows you to prepare for moments that you may want to highlight in accordance with the beat of the music.

5. The Art of Making Music Videos (highly, highly recommend)

Topics include: Camera settings, composition and lens selection / Lighting, one-camera and multi-camera set-ups / How to achieve high quality sound in your productions /Simple editing techniques

One tip (of the many) we learned: Always make sure you have one camera that is static (focused just on the singer or overall image). This will be the perfect cutaway/cutback when editing video.

Topics covered: Key Macro Concepts / Camera setup for macro / Micro-NIKKOR lenses and their benefits / Lighting for macro

One tip (of the many) we learned: Bring outside elements to your macro photography. An extra light, colorful sheets of paper as backgrounds, a spray bottle. Experiment often.

Topics Covered: Photographic tips and techniques, Exposure, Composition and Lenses

One tip (of the many) we learned: Pay attention to framing, and try to even create a 'frame within a frame'.


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