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Rain-Proof Your Camera with these 3 Rain Sleeves

As year-round PNW residents, it is essential for us to be prepared for all kinds of weather, especially the kind that involve precipitation. Keeping your gear dry is a hyper-focus come fall - mid-spring. Here are our top three rain sleeves that we recommend.

Seen above: Peak Design Shell: Weather-proof camera cover

This blog post will cover three rain sleeves: Good: Optech USA Rain Sleeves (Sizes include Small (4"), 14", 18" and 25")

Better: Promaster Rain Jacket (One Size)

Best: Peak Design Shell (we carry Medium and Large)

The Good Option

OpTech USA Rain Sleeves ($7.50 - $9.95)


Product Features:

  • Protects your gear from dust and inclement weather.

  • Designed for handheld use or tripod application

  • Unique eyepiece opening adapts to most viewfinders so you are viewing through the lens, not the plastic

  • Camera and lens (flash -- available through the 'flash' suited edition) are visible and operable through the rainsleeve

  • Fits lenses measuring up to __(small: 4.5", 14-18" editions are up to 7", and 25" aka mega is up to 8")___ in diameter and up to __(small is up to 8", average is up to 18", 'mega' is up to 25")__ in length.

  • Drawstring lens opening offers easy access and a snug fit

  • Not Machine Washable - Hand-Wash Only

Our Take: This is a good option as there is a variety of sizes for you to find your 'perfect fit'. Each package includes TWO sleeves, so if you misplace, rip or forget one -- you have a backup! The main issue some may run into is that the product itself is made of plastic and could be easily ripped if it got caught in your camera bag zippers (branches, keys etc). This is perfect for a beginner or someone who is looking to get a few times of use out of each sleeve in the pack, but it isn't a long-term solution if you are an avid hiker or someone who needs a product that lasts.

Purchase Online and Have it Shipped to you, or Pick-Up In-Store!

The Better Option

Promaster Rain Jacket (One Size) $29.99


Product Features:

  • Designed to protect your gear from inclement weather

  • Access to all controls through two side sleeves

  • Full length dual zipper allows quick installation and removal

  • Transparent back panel allows you to monitor all controls and view LCD displays

  • Sleeve adjustment cord to adjust all three openings (side sleeves, and front sleeve for camera lens)

  • Rain Jacket will adequately protect cameras that measure 5.9" x 4.5" x 3" or smaller

  • One Year Warranty! If the product fails due to defects in workmanship or materials, Promaster will replace it with another.

  • Not Machine Washable - Please Hand-Wash Only

Our Take: This is a better option if you are looking for a product that can be reused for as long as you don't lose this product. The zippers do make this product easier to slip on and off your camera as needed. The only wish we have is that it had multiple sizes (for those photographers who have telephoto lenses), however telephoto lenses are typically weather sealed as the average wildlife/sports photographer doesn't always have the luxury of shooting in fair weather.

Purchase Online and Have it Shipped to you, or Pick-Up In-Store!

The Best Option

Peak Design Shell (Medium/ Large) $44.99-49.99


Product Features:

  • Water and Dust-Proof

  • Custom Fit for (Medium/Large) Camera & Lens

  • Stretchable Fabric

  • Waterproof Membrane

  • Use with Optional Capture Clip or Strap

  • Adjustment cords for lens and back of camera

  • Easy to Store (self-contained)

Our Take: This product is our favorite as the product itself is built to last a lifetime. Sleek, easy to store and allows for camera straps to utilized with the rain sleeve attached. This product is perfect for the photographer who is on-the-go.

Purchase Online and Have it Shipped to you, or Pick-Up In-Store!


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